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Farmer Brown’s Plow Shop

Jim and Linda Brown, the owners and operators of Farmer Brown’s Plow Shop.

About Us

Planting the Seed:

Jim and Linda Brown, the owners and operators of Farmer Brown’s Plow Shop, got married in 1969. Their business is rooted in five
generations of experience.

Linda’s father, Fred, who has been working in horse logging since the 1940s. He gave Jim and Linda a horse to use on their new farm in 1975.”When Jim got his first horse, that’s when he envisioned a dream,” said Linda.

“I thought he was out of his mind, and so did everybody else. Little did I know that it would grow to be the business that it is today.”


Plow Handles

We started selling plow handles over 30 years ago. These handles are styled the way they were over 100 years ago. This style  only available here at Farmerbrowns.

Over 7 styles and sizes we provide.

We had a Amish gentleman making for 26 years he retired last year. A family business in Vermont makes them now. They are beautifully finished ready for you to paint,

stain or oil and made  from Ash wood.

“Farmer Browns Logging Cart” built one at a time. If you are interested please call we require half down
when you place your order.  Give us a call for price.

Thank you

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Featured Products

Farmer Brown DVD

Horse-Drawn Plowing With Farmer Brown DVD 3 DVD set

This is from the Master of Horse Drawn Plowing him self.
Has been selling for over 11years. It is a must have for all.

This is a 4 and 1/2 hour three dvd set. It will show you the do’s and don’ts of plows and plowing in a simple, down-to-earth style. You will learn: *What to look for when purchasing a used plow. *How to assemble a walking plow piece-by-piece. *When to replace the plow beam, frog, landside, shin, moldboard, point, jointer, and depth wheel.

*How to plow with two and three horses. *How to adjust and use a walking plow and sulky plow to gain proper width and depth of cut in various soil conditions.

*How to adjust horizontal hitch, vertical hitch and line of draft, and how these affect the plow and cut. *How to open a land *How to make the crown, dead furrow and headlands.


Practical Horse Drawn Logging


We use this equipment in our every day business and operations. We will not offer something that we do not use ourselves.

The quality in our products are number one.

Our customers are important to us.

We strive to keep them happy and to help where we can in the use of our products.

Our Logging Cart has been called the Cadillac of Logging Carts.

It has a built in Reese Hitch to pull other farm equipment.  Built strong to pull out the “Big Timber”  

Jim makes a unique step with draft horse shoe and also a unique place on the cart for your PV to roll logs. 

Give us a call for price!

Thank you


A Happy Customer


Mrs. Brown- Very nice to see you here. May I take this chance to pass along my sincere thanks to you and Jim for
establishing the finest business I’ve encountered. And your videos are the best- PERIOD!!! I just wish Jim would do a
video on how he trains his horses. I spent a lot of money on a 4 video set from another person and got more out of Jims
plowing video and it wasn’t even about training a team!



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