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Farmer Brown plowing with Charlie, Duke and Dick at the Great Lakes
Plowing Competition, East Lansing, Michigan, 1999. The plow is a John
Deere 14" two bottom gang plow. Jim was Grand Champion.
Jim and Linda Brown
918 SR 92 N
Tunkhannock PA 18657
Wiard Plow Restored
This plow came to us in several pieces. We
make new beams here at FBs give us a call
Click on this link below to view FBs Logging
Arch Haying with Horses
Sierra Learning to Cultivate the garden.
We are three wks behind getting the garden in.
Click here..      Watch this on youtube!
Gene Plowing in Short Tract Sept 25th 2010 and Jim plowing.
This was a demonstration for our "Visit A Farm Day" in Allegany County NY
Jimmy Brown JR
SDAPFD Watch movie
of Horse Pull 2010
You can order the blank and custom build your self. Or we
can do it for you. Call about prices.
570-836-8004 not available at this time.
Racking hay with FBs Logging Arch.
Farmer Brown Custom Built  
Logging Evener and Neck Yoke
"Heavy Duty"  
For Sale   Call for for price.  For
If you are looking for custom build
call or email. We will build for your
Call 570-836-8004

Farmer Browns Logging Arch.
These are "Multipurpose" a great cart to train
a team adjustable to all team sizes.
You set
above the horses!  Every Farm Should Own
One. A Charm to ride and drive!
Now you may order one with Bench Seat. This
cart has it all.  Cart to drive, pull farm
equipment, and
make you money in the woods.
There is not other like it. Many have tried to
copy and they have failed!  
Order yours now
before prices go up!
Comes with hitch to pull other pieces of farm
equipment. This cart will last for years to
come. With Jim's design for log release and
very little tongue weight on your horses will
get you in and out of the woods with good
production. "My Dad, Fred Wolfer will tell you
he would not go with out his logging arch now"
We have also found a shipping company that
can ship all of the US for a very reasonable
cost...so get yours ordered today. We are
looking at a 8-10 wk in production at this time.
Watch them in action on you tube at
Our good friend Tommy
Flowers with his team of
Brabants !
Using one of Farmer Browns
multipurpose logging carts.
Tommy Flowers up for visit from SC, Farmer Brown and Fred
Wolfer from Centerville. For a plow day at our farm this wk.

Tommy and Farmer Brown going to Howell Farm in NJ this wk
end for walking plow
demonstrations and competition .
Biological Woodsmen’s Week
October 15 through October 21 at 1:00pm EST
New Meadow Farm 863 Lotts Rd, Raphine VA
Week-long event October 15-21, 2012 starts daily at 9:
00 AM, made possible through the generosity of the
Virginia Horse Industry Board and New Meadow Farm.
Come join the H. H. Horse Loggers from History Channel’
s Ax Men!

Please join us for our very special guest speaker, Mr.
Wendell Berry, immediately following the Draft Horse Pull
on Saturday evening October 20 starting at 6 PM
This Set we sell for 250.00
plus SH
They are built to
last and
They are
We can custom
build too.
570 836 8004
Call for price on complete set.
We are proud to say another plow in a
upcoming movie "The Homesman" Hillary
Swank will be plowing with our plow.
Bo, our apprentice this season holding plow
they finished for company in California.

This plow was built by their logo....we had to
rebuild to their specifications.

We have put together plows for films and
Bo our apprentice this summer plowing with Turbo and Jet with
pioneer sulky plow. June 2013
See the log arch at work on youtube  

Click Here
Plows For Sale
Another plow going to a Museum.
"California Trail Interpretive Center"
It will be in a interactive display.
You will be able to walk behind it and learn
what it feels like to plow with a horse.
Farmer Brown
Reserve Grand
Champion at the
World Percheron
Congress 2014
His team Turbo and
Customer enjoying his Farmer Brown Logging

Thank you Bill for taking the time to let us know
how well it is working for you and the pictures
you sent us.
Bills Mules Jodi and Barney
Here is Jim with his old
horse Charlie.  A visit to
Oklahoma and Texas
for a visit.
Plowing DVD
on Sale go to
We are building again!
Plows for sale
We are able to take Credit Cards over the phone...Sales tax of 6%
Thank you!   Also Usps is running slower with the pandemic.  We ask for your patients.
Thank you Linda Brown

Click on this address above you can go to video
of film makers from Germany that came to PA to
film. Aprox half way through Farmer Browns
demonstrates plowing with Sulky plow and then
in the woods cutting and skidding with his team
of Percherons.
Plow Shop is open!  570 836 8004
We are up and running shipping with UPS now!
Your will receive your handles much quicker!
Your can still order with Usps but it will take a few wks before you
get them.
Please us the catalog page above to order.
Or give us a call
Farmer Browns
Veteran  Owned
Thank you to all our
Service Members
and Farmers
Home Made Apple Pie
Flavors of 9 in. Pies
Very Berry
Pineapple Peach
35.00 Free Shipping
News-News- News

Walking Canes on sale!
Tell us if you want our
Logo on it or plain.
Only 10.00 while they
We are looking into shipping to Canada If you are interested give us a call.
570 836 8004
Farmer Browns Logging Arch
being built now.  We will have  
three to go to the first people
interested. If you are interested
please call we require half down
when you place your order.
570 836 8004