"On a routine day in 2002, I got up and
checked my e-mail  at 6:00 am, " said
Linda Brown, who co-operates the plow
shop. "Upon reading my messages I said
to my-self, 'Holy Cow! Hollywood found
him that a movie props manager had
contacted Farmer Brown's Plow Shop.
She  was looking for civil war era farm
equipment to be used in a new movie
called "Cold Mountain," based on the
novel by Charles Frazier.
After further arrangements with the
movie managers, Farmer Brown's Plow
Shop from Hunt, NY, sent two
refurbished plows from the 1800s to the
set. To help the actors with plowing
technique, a genuine "Plowing With
Farmer Brown" video was also enclosed.
Though the story is set in the turbulent
southern states during the American Civil
War, the movie was filmed in Romania.
The Wiard Plow, built in Batavia, NY,
was seen most often in the movie,
produced by Miramax Films. Jude Law,
the actor who played the main character
of "Inman," used the plow.
The Oliver Plow, built in one of the
company's mid-western factories, was
used less in the film, though does make
some cameo appearances in the farm's
barn set.
The movie debuted on Dec. 25, 2003, and
featured historical accuracy in farming
equipment, made possible by Farmer
Brown's Plow Shop.
The Plow Shop Goes to Hollywood
The plows shown here were fully restored and in
working condition before they were sent to Romania.
Farmer Brown tested them himself prior to shipping.
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Famous Plow number 2

To be seen this coming year in the
"The Homesman"
A claim jumper and a pioneer woman team up to
escort three insane women from Nebraska to Iowa.  
With Tommy Lee Jones, Hilary Swank, Grace Gummer,
Miranda Otto.  

Tommy Lee Jones
This plow will be going to The
California Trail Interpretive Center.
It will be set up as a interactive piece
was like to walk behind a plow. Below is
the web site address to visit.

Photo taken from TV.
This shows Jude Law Using our Plow
from the movie
"Cold Mountain"
The plow was sent on lease to  the film
company for this film.