If learning about farms and small business is an
interest to you, than consider an apprenticeship
with Farmer Brown and his wife, Linda.
Apprenticeships can be scheduled from January
to October for any allotment of time. The idea is
and become a part of the logging or business
Apprenticeships differ from clinics and
demonstrations because you are actually living
the daily life of horse loggers and farmers for a
longer period of time than a one-day event. If
your schedule allows, Linda and Jim would
appreciate passing along the knowledge and
experience on which they have built their lives.

Logging and Plowing Apprenticeship:
Get real experience in the field, harnessing the
horses and jumping into the routine of caring for
large animals. Learn how to maintain a healthy
barn by participating directly in the upkeep of the
horses. This job will prepare you for a future in
logging with horses, livestock, farming, and
working for your own business. Even if you
simply would like the experience of working with
large animals outdoors, this will offer you the
experience you need.

Business Apprenticeship:
While you won't work everyday in the woods,
there are other aspects of horse logging that
require your attention in order to make a living.
This apprenticeship is hosted by Linda Brown,
Farmer Brown's wife, who handles the office
operations of the Plow Shop and the logging
business. You will learn how to market on the
web with practice managing the Plow Shop site,
organize the business and build a financial
understanding of how to be your own employer.
This is a first-hand look at running your own
enterprise for profit. Opportunities include
opening an internship bake shop to learn about
production and cost balance, manage behind the
scenes to keep a farm afloat with food and
supplies, and build your skills as an entrepreneur.
Chris, the apprentice, attatches the log
chain to the skid cart.
Working in the woods is neat! Kate, the apprentice,
sets the chain around the log to be skidded out.
The apprentices with Bud and Frosty,
on left.
Please call for more information on our apprenticeships.
Linda and the apprentice work on
advertising for the seasonal bake shop.
Eric and Maisie have joined us this winter.
Sierra From Sterling College and Bud and Frosty