Combining the power
of well-trained draft
horses and the agility
of our custom-built
Farmer Brown Skid
Carts, we cover a lot
of ground and get the
job done.
Logging Your Wood Lot
If you are looking to manage and sustainably cut your
timber, Farmer Brown's Logging with Horses has
benefits that you should consider when choosing
someone for the job. With more than 30 years of draft
horse experience, he brings knowledge and confidence
to his jobs.
"When we start a
job, we finish it in
a timely fashion."
~Farmer Brown
Farmer Brown's Qualifications:
  • Game of Logging certified, all four levels
  • Fully insured
  • Service available year round

  • draft horses available to skid logs
  • John Deere Dozer w/wentch
   >Custom-Built Farmer Brown Skid Cart

Environmental Awareness:
  • Richer alternative than clear cutting
  • You can expect a 10-20 year cutting return
  • Just trails and paths will be left for your use
  • Trees are carefully selected and monitored in the
    direction of falling to minimize damage to young
"I maintain long-standing relationships with
prominent log buyers to ensure that you get the most
for your logs."
~Farmer Brown
Jim and Linda Brown
309 RT 92 South
Tunkhannock PA 18657
(570) 836-8004
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Timber Management
Gain 60-70% more
This is a hemlock log
we cut this year on
our property.
We had done our job
by proper tree
selection 25 years

You can see where
X is  on the rings
the difference in
growth. It almost
doubled in growth size
after we managed the
area  and removed
trees that would never
mature to good
valuable  timber.
By proper
management of your
timber is better then
money in the bank!
Practical Horse Drawn Logging With Farmer Brown #1
Farmer Brown (Jim)
Logging in Virgina
2010 at SDAFD with
Bud and Frosty