Jim and Linda Brown
309 RT 92 South
Tunkhannock PA 18657
(Sample for the beginner)
Advanced can be set to your level

**************Hands On and On The Log Job***************

Your class can be set up for three days or longer.

Dates: ________________________:

Hours: 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.        Break for lunch        1:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Local Hotels and B&Bs available.

Classes will be in three to four day segments as follows:  

Cost for the class: $250.00 per person per day.

Farmer Browns Clinics must book 4 wks in advance and 50% down. If you cancel your clinic there is a fee
of 200.00 non refundable.

Things to bring.

1.Proper attire for the weather e.g. Warm clothes and wet weather gear.  Extra gloves for cold wet weather.
And safety gear for the woods. (helmet and chaps)

2.Lots of Energy

(Please bring your own water jug, as you will need it in the field.)

This draft horse clinic will be conducted by Jim Brown, "Farmer Brown", of Tunkhannock PA.
Jim will impart a wealth of knowledge that he has acquired from 35 years of farming and logging with draft

You must pre-register for this workshop. Class size will be limited so register early. A fifty percent deposit is
required at time of registration with balance due when you arrive at the clinic site.
Registration closes , Date:

Location of Clinic: __________

Directions to Farm:________________________
Phone numbers:    570-836-8004


Day One:    Session one:  (AM)


A. The Horse and preparing it for work.

B. Common problems and issues with horses.

C. Cautions, conditioning and rest.

Harness and Bits:

A. Types of Harness:  (common identifying characteristics)

B. Collar: (Types, fit and characteristics)

C. The Bit: (Choices, preferences and  fit)


A. How a horse is trained to drive.

B. Positions of the lines, the hands, team options and preferences.

Day One:    Session Two:    

A. Single Horse:
1. Harness the horse.
2. Ground driving on boat.
3. Driving single skidding log.


Day One:  ( PM)

B. The Team:
1. Harness the team.
2. Ground driving the team.
3. Ground driving the team on boat.
4. Driving the team skidding a log.
a. Types of eveners.
5. Simple skidding methods.
a. Ground skidding.
2.drive grabs.
3. tongs.
4. cable chokers.
6. Devices to make logs skid with less resistance.
a. Plate.
b. Scoote.
c. Log Boat.

Day Two:   Session One:

A. Types of Logging equipment.

1. Hand tools.
A. Video

2. Types of Logging Arches and Carts.
A. Logging Arch.
1. Two wheeled.
2. Three wheeled.
3. Walking beam arch.
B. Carts.
1. Simple walk behind cart.
2. Farmer Browns multipurpose Logging Cart.

Session Two: (AM:)

A. The Chain Saw:
1.Size of saws.
2. Types of chains.
3. Sharpening the chain.
4. Maintenance.

B. Safety Equipment:
1. Helmet.
2. Chaps.
3. Shoes and Boots.

Session Three: (AM)

A. Going to the woods.
1. Clearing roadways.
2. Tree selection and cutting.
3. Felling tree using wedges.
4. Cutting spring poles.
5. Measuring and bucking up logs in proper lengths.

B. Cutting a tree the opposite direction it wants to fall.


Session One: (PM:)

A. Cutting Trees.
B. Making Road Ways.
C. Skidding Logs to Landing.
D. Decking Logs.

Day Three:   

Session one:  (AM)

A. Harness Horses and go the woods.
B. Load logs on bob sled.
C. Load logs on wagon.
D. Transfer logs home.


Session Two: (PM)

A. Saw Logs.
1. Demonstrate Saw Mill or going on the log job.
2. Skidding logs .
3. Loading .

Day Four

Session One: (AM)

A. Hands On
1. Harness the horses
2. Load horses to trailer
3. Trailer horses to log job

Session Two: (PM)

A. Skidding All Day


A. Hands on  Skidding
B. Moving logs with cable and pulleys
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*This is a tentative outline, it can be changed to suit the participants in the class.

Sing Up Sheet For Draft Horse Logging Clinic

Dates that you plan to attend       ____      ____

Your Name:_________________________________

Address:_________________________________________    Phone_________________

Age: ______                           

Your Occupation:                                        

Do you farm with horses now?                        

Have you farmed with horses? (experience).                                                

How many horses do you own?                  Breed(s)  _____________     ________________     

What types of work do you do with your horses?                                        


What is your goal to accomplish with horses?                                        

What would you like to learn most at this clinic?
List three in order by the importance to you.

I understand that working with horses involves some risk to life and limb. Therefore, I do not hold Farmer
Brown (James F. Brown) or any of his party involved with this clinic, including the land owner and operator
of this property, _______________________________ responsible for any accidents or sickness that I
may encounter at this clinic.
Your signature: ___________________________________        Date:     /    /2014
Return application with deposit to:     Farmer Brown's Plow Shop
Make checks payable to (James Brown)
Special Note:  Jim and family operate a plow shop at their home in Tunkhannock PA. They have a inventory
of good used and rebuilt horse drawn farm machinery at their farm. Anyone needing horse drawn farm
equipment and logging equipment should contact Jim or Linda to see if they might have what you are
looking for.

Jim also has made an excellent video on horse-drawn plowing and another on horse logging. Take a look
at our web site: www.farmerbrowsplowshop.net  or e-mail- (leroyplows@yahoo.com)

Farmer Brown's Plow Shop
309 rt 92 south
Tunkhannock PA 18657

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