Jim and Linda Brown
309 RT 92 South
Tunkhannock PA 18657

(570) 836-8004
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Farmer Brown's Skid Carts
Built by Farmer Brown himself, these skid
carts are developed for years of use.
Attention to detail is paramount here,
because a cart must be safe to ride and
Farmer Brown's own design includes
places for your tools, a rail in the front,
steps up, and a seat high enough for view,
but low enough to keep you safe.
have tried to copy but have failed
. We use
these carts every day and have made a
good living with them for many years.
Farmer Brown's Logging Arches have been
sold all over the USA and many happy
customers. Built one at a time.
Farmer Brown's Hand-Crafted Skid Carts
Order by phone
(570) 836-8004
Call for prices
subject to change with steel prices
"This product is Patent and Protected"
"Designed,Built and Engineered by Farmer Brown"
Jim and his father-in-law for more than
30 years
  • Cart can be adjusted up or
    down to fit teams of different size
  • The Hitch Point over the tongue
    allows the line of draft to
    counter the pull of a log
  • The high point of hitch for the
    chain provides lift to the front of
    the log to lessen drag without
    the use of mechanical lift device
  • Trip allows the log to be
    released while the chain is
    under tension
  • Front guard provides safety for
    the driver when riding
  • Solid axle to prevent a log from
    sliding under the cart and into
    the horses
  • Solid axle also allows the use of
    a removable hitch
  • Removable hitch allows cart to
    be used as a fore cart
  • The tongue slide into the
    receiver and needs no bolt or in
    to retain it, which saves time
    when loading for transport
  • Wheels are reversible to
    change the width
  • New Size for Haflinger Size
  • Mini logging Arch coming soon!
  • You can have your choice of
    Red or Black

  • The fit, welding and finish
    are first rate, done all by
    Farmer Brown
We have a Skid Cart in Georgia For Sale
Give Jim a call!!
Raking Hay works like a charm!
"Bad To The Bone"
New Color!  Black with
Silver Trim

News News!!!!!!
We can add brakes or
other custom features!
I can fit in the back of your horse

There is now a 8-10 wk waiting time
list...these carts are moving fast!
Give us a call and get on our list...
Takes 2-3 wks to custom build our
Basic Arch
Some of the options for our Arches.
Breaks, Hitch, Bench Seat.
We can custom build!
This customer wanted a bench
seat and single seat with breaks.
Call to get on the
list these Arches
are moving fast.
thank you
Business in a Box

We can provide your Arch with:

PV to roll logs
Chains and Hooks
Seat Cushion
Helmet system
Log rule
Splitting Maul
Front-end suspension logging
arch, mowing machinery and
other field implements!
Get on the list these are Moving!!
you tube video of
our logging arches

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Our Logging Arches at

Sterling College Vermont

Warren Wilson College,  
Asheville, North Carolina,
Another happy customer in Virginia.
Drove up to our farm and picked up his
logging arch. Loaded in the back of his
truck and after pie and coffee off they
went. Loving their FB Arch using it
almost every day.  Thank you and we
enjoyed our visit and making new
friends. They will enjoy their Arch for
years to come.